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Glenrowan Pre-School updated June 2013: e-mail


Contact: Samantha Grey, 5766 2475 Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday -
also on mobile 0400 384 455.

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Glenrowan Pre-school is at the
Glenrowan Multi-purpose Centre in the Old Hume Highway and has classes from 9 am to 2 pm
three days every week during school terms,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Parents who miss out on Three Year Old Pre-school could use
Glenrowan Occasional Care as an alternative.


Glenrowan Pre-School is part of the North East Regional Pre-school Association (NERPSA),
a Victorian government funded cluster management arrangement.

For further information on the Pre-school as well as forms for enrolment,
please visit the NERPSA website.

Parent participation is always encouraged at Glenrowan Pre-school and the skills of family members are used in the program.
As a follow up to the fun game the Crazy Chef, Shari cooked fried rice with the Pre-School children.


Glenrowan Multi-Purpose Centre,
Old Hume Highway,
Glenrowan VIC 3675

phone: 5766 2475

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  A Group of Fairies
photo and story:
Cecilia Elysee
  For Dress-Up day the Glenrowan Pre-School in October 2009, the children were encouraged to come dressed as their favourite Story Character. The photo shows a group of fairies - all favourites!
After a morning of activities, the fairies and other strorybook characters shared morning tea with their parents.
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Roaming Reptiles  

The Roaming Reptiles visited the pre-school group at Glenrowan Kinder recently and the children were shown many different species of reptiles, from Bearded Dragons to this Crocodile - via a long Carpet Python.

It was a "hands on experience" as seen here: Bridie patting the crocodile!
The children enjoyed the visiting reptiles and these are the things our fundraising is paying.

Such a great experience
for the kinder kids!

Cecilia Elysee
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These photos show autumn activities at Glenrowan Pre-School:

The children harvested tomatoes which they had grown in their own kitchen garden.
Here is Seth putting tomatoes into the puree machine to make tomato puree.
The tomato puree was then used with herbs to make pasta sauce.

Autumn Activities at Pre-School


The children ravenously ate the pasta meal, prepared by themselves with their pre-school grown tomatoes and fresh herbs.


Another autumn day was spent at the Glenrowan Hotel watching Mandy Miles cook hot chips in the kitchen.

The children practised road safety as they walked from the Kinder to the Glenrowan Hotel. Afterwards they had their yummy hot chips in the park across the road and played at the playground before being picked up by their parents.

  The hot chips were kindly donated by the Glenrowan Hotel.
Cecilia Elysee
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