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Wednesday 2nd November at 7 pm: Glenrowan Improvers meeting at the Old Police Station in Siege Street.

Monday 7th November at 12 noon: Glenrowan Senior Citizens' Monday Community Lunch at the Multi-Purpose Centre.

Wednesday 16th November at 2.30 pm: Community 'Drop-In' at the Old Police Station in Siege Street.

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Book Review:

The Broken Shore

by Peter Temple



This story is about a detective who is trying to seek the quiet life as he returns to his tumbledown family home with his two energetic dogs for company.
A prominent member of this coastal town somewhere in Victoria is murdered and suspicion falls on three young men form the local Aboriginal community. The case unfolds amid simmering corruption and prejudice.

Peter Temple has created characters that display the darker side of humanity that is all too present in society, whether we choose to admit it or not. The Australian use of colloquialism often adopted by male writers in that ‘hard boiled’ style, fitted the mood of the story well.

The analogy of the Broken Shore with the continual surging towards the delivery of justice in an imperfect world by imperfect people is symbolic of the waves crashing into the shore. This book had many laugh out loud moments as well which contributed to it being a very enjoyable read.

This story has also been made in to a tele-movie and
our book group rated this book 4 out of 5.

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Frocking for a Cause
Celebrating Frocktober at Wangaratta Visitor Information Centre
1st October - 19th November 2016
‘Frocking for a Cause’ is an exhibition that will display over 130 dresses worn by
the Ritchie sisters, Lauren and Erin, in support of Frocktober.
Frocktober is an initiative to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and the work of the
Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) by participants undertaking frock challenges.
Over the last three Octobers the Ritchie sisters, Lauren and Erin, have participated in Frocktober setting the challenge of wearing a different frock every day. This has resulted in wearing a collection of over 130 dresses which will all be displayed at the Wangaratta Visitor Information Centre from 1st October until 19th November - with support of Showcase Wangaratta, OCRF and the Rural City of Wangaratta.
Being from a local family of dressmakers, the collection is a culmination of family heirlooms, old and new makes as well as acquired pieces. Each dress has its own story from the sourcing of fabric, where it was first worn or where the piece came into the family.
Lauren and Erin be participating again this year, adding to this collection. They are both previous students of Glenrowan Primary School and encourage the local community to support their exhibition as well as the Froctober challenge in order to raise awareness and understanding of the illness. ♣
  • For further information,
see the media release.
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  Opportunity for Website Design: Seeking Editor
editor The Glenrowan Gazette newsletter and website needs a new editor:
this is an opportunity to try your hand at working with a website!

The website is hosted by WangNET and the staff there provide training and support as well as software as required. The editorship also offers the opportunity to re-new the website, up-dating the newsletter page as well as the webpages to recent developments in software and for readers using hand-held devices like mobile phones and tablets.
The previous editor will be available for assistance, drawing from the experience of running the Glenrowan Gazette newsletter and website since 2008.

The Glenrowan Gazette website is published under the umbrella of Glenrowan Improvers Inc. and their treasurer Bill Gent is also organising the transfer to a new editor.
You may call Bill Gent on landline 5766 2860 or

e-mail the Gazette: -
for further information and find out how you may take
on this opportunity to learn about websites
as well as getting to know your local community.
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  Wangaratta Ukulele Band

  The Wangaratta Ukulele Band is excited to announce the appointment of Phillip Stone as their Musical Director. Phillip is well known in the North East as uke player with Gateway Ukulele Orchestra and lead guitarist with Grooveyard Hammond Combo. He has played guitar with many well known Aussie legends such as Darryl Braithwaite, Renee Gayer, Tommy Emmanuel, Normie Rowe and this list goes on.
The Wangaratta Ukulele Band has just compiled its second songbook with over 60 songs from a variety of decades. Phillip will help arrange and interpret a selection of these songs, incorporating a variety of strumming patterns, fingerpicking etc. We encourage anyone with some previous experience of playing the ukulele or have attended previous beginner classes to attend these workshops as we sing and strum through our new songbook.
Cost of each fortnightly 2 hourly workshop is $4 for members and $10 for non members. Annual fee to become part of Wangaratta Ukes is $25. Wangaratte Ukes meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at the Masonic Lodge, 101 Appin St. Wangaratta starting at 5.30pm.
Come along to our workshops with Phillip and upgrade your ukulele skills. For more information, check out our Facebook page for updates, gigs etc.
  Enquiries: John Bell 0400 863 334/Paddy Milne 0407 311 899.
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